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What You’ll Need to Print Your Own T-Shirt

Prepared to make your own shirt? You’ll require a couple of things before you begin, so gather together:

A screen printing outline (you can DIY or buy a screen or unit)

Squeegee (or a bit of solid cardboard)

Photograph emulsion and custom t-shirt printing

A light with a brilliant light


Inkjet Printer

Cardboard (or something different) to put inside the shirt.

Texture Ink (Speedball)

You’ll likewise require a dull space to put your screen with the emulsion until it dries.

Prepare Your Design

You can make a plan utilizing any structure program of your decision. You could even make the plan in Word. In the event that you can make a logo in Word, why not make a shirt configuration in Word too.

You could likewise simply utilize content for your structure, and we have many nerdy oneliners and jokes to kick you off. Fundamentally, all you need is a plan that can be printed, ideally one with huge strong lines.

On the off chance that you need to keep it very straightforward, you can utilize a quirky motto or a basic free vector picture downloaded from a webpage like Pixabay.

As a tenderfoot, it’s most likely best to begin with a strong, one shading structure. When you first begin, layering hues when screen printing is a serious test. To keep it excessively straightforward, you can likewise pick a plan that will look a similar when turned around.

When your structure is prepared, print it onto a bit of paper to ensure it’s situated on the page how you need. At that point you can print it on your straightforwardness, ideally utilizing an inkjet printer. On the off chance that you don’t have one at home, investigate office supplies stores in your general vicinity and check whether they offer straightforwardness printing administrations.

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