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What did they guarantee me?

“We will make you rich”, “We hit 96% of recreations”,… please folks… 98% surprisingly lose constantly. No one will make you rich medium-term. No one! On the off chance that they have such a data, they don’t ned to sell their picks. On the off chance that you have 1 million for you, you don’t have to sell picks for 50, 100 or even 1000 EUR 안전공원.

The best games handicappers, who are reasonable and great, will consistently say you, that you should adopt a speculation strategy. The best handicappers will hit just 53–55% of their wagers in the event that we are discussing some spread wagering, as NBA, NFL. Win % is distinctive by chances (greater with lower chances and lower with higher chances). They will demonstrate their genuine numbers from an earlier time and they state some sensible numbers, you can anticipate from them.

What is their cash the board/speculation procedure?

They should demonstrate you precisely what is the beginning bankroll, when was set and precisely what % of bankroll they wager on each game. What are 50 units? What is 5 star play? What is 1 unit? Without awesome clarification, data about those units are nothing. They should clarify you. On the off chance that they state play 2% of your bankroll, is this from beginning bankroll or from current bankroll. In the event that they use anything like martingale, simply fled. I would pay for the administration, which has solid and safe cash methodology.

What number of endorsers they have?

This is a dubious inquiry, which I would approach them without a doubt. On one side, they will disclose to you that they have a great deal of endorsers. With that, they need to state you, that they are great, that individuals trust them.

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